ALL IN VAPOR is the company which focus on manufacturer CBD devices. Mainly supply OEM/ODM service for CBD wholesalers.

Our Mission

Since we established in 2010, we are dedicated to develop and produce batteries and chargers all the time. With years of hard work and constant efforts, our batteries have sold to many different countries and we have won unanimous praise from our consumers, and now in China, we are honored as Vape Battery Master.

Our Merit

What really defines ALLINVAPOR is its merit that has been recognized by the public, be they our partners or end users.

Our Promise

Safety, innovation and quality come with most importance among all our criteria. From a technical perspective, to keep pace with advanced vape technology is the ultimate way to continuously iterate on safety, innovation and quality.

Our Impact

All of these honors have proved our efforts… To thank you for your support, we now bring the most popular CBD devices to all of you vapers.